Classic car hire - A closer look at what we have to offer

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Our first car we bought back in 2018 and were found privately for sale. What drew us to the car was that it was a rust free example with low mileage and a great history. The father and son duo were keen enthusiasts and had the skill set required to repaint the bodywork and revive life into the old girl. This is a huge job and one we were thankful we didn’t have to do. The car was actually an import and hailed from New Zealand. All minis were built in either Cowley or Longbridge in Oxford after which, those that were due for export were sent out incomplete. These cars were shipped in stages and then put back together in their new countries. These cars were called CKU cars; complete knock ups.


The car spent its entire life in New Zealand were it served the owner well for a very long time. We have the original bill of sale and a complete breakdown of all work carried out every year. Classic car hire wasn’t an industry back in the 60’s so these cars were driven and used everyday and little did they know they had such a life ahead of them. After exchanging hands a few times only in New Zealand, our car made its way back to England.


After the father and son duo restored the bodywork, the project got to a point where it was a great car to sell on which is where we came in. We saw the potential of this Mini straight away and knew it was the perfect classic car for hire. Our next step was to make it fit for hire purpose. This involved a complete strip down of the engine and a full mechanical overhaul. Replacing every single nut and bolt with stainless steel. This has huge benefits for longevity and future maintenance should we need to remove any. Plus they don’t rust...bonus!

 1960's mini doors open 1960's mini interior

We spent nearly 6 months restoring our engine and a complete interior overhaul too with many new parts. We added disc brakes to the front and a stereo for our clients to enjoy. Now that the car is finished, we are very proud to revive life into this car and present it for hire for many years to come.

Thanks for coming!

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