Prices are on the rise for the classic Mini

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This week saw the London Classic Car show celebrate 50 years of the Italian Job and it was a great weekend for all traders to dig out their classic Mini stock for sale to classic car punters. Prestige classic stock from the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW have always commanded very high price. Take for example the Mercedes 280SL a car that will set you back in the region of £90,000. Pretty high for a car that really you will only use for fair weather experiences. It seems however that some classic Minis are commanding prestige prices too.


One that caught or eye was a very rare Mini 1071cc Cooper S, fully restored. This was a thing of beauty. A complete nut and bolt restoration and every single detail was spot on. This car was truly outstanding and much better than it would have been from new. Taking a look under the car and we noticed fully powder coated subframes, a classic rusting area for these Minis and an engine bay so tidy you can eat off it. If there was ever a classic mini car experience to be had, this car was a time capsule to the 60’s. Then we noticed the price for such gorgeous nostalgia. For £79,999 of your hard earned cash and this car cold be yours. A prestige price for a car that previously we would never have perceived as such.

 classic mini cooper s engine bay classic mini cooper s interior

Walking around we noticed that other cars for sale of similar ilk were commanding huge prices and yes they were restored and yes they are absolutely gorgeous, but these prices seem to be getting way out of most people’s wallet range. The car for the people seemed very out of reach this weekend. Take for example another car we noticed, a 1979 Austin Mini Cooper S. Fully restored and shining like a diamond. Flawless white paint, nut and bolt restoration and looking like a time warp example but at £27,995, its a huge outlay considering that the storage of this car adds to the cost of owning as it’d be sacrilege to park this thing outside all year round. As we took pictures if this car an elderly gentleman, clearly a Classic Mini fan was next to us and passed comment very quickly after seeing the price that it was far too much for a 70’s model.


We feel that with prices seemingly soaring, a classic car experience makes for such a great way to enjoy a nostalgic day out in these time warp examples without the costs of ownership. What’s more is that you can enjoy these classic car experiences time and time again.

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