Reliving those glory days

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It’s the swinging 60’s and Britain is alive. The Mini was launched and it proved an instant success with all ages of motorists. Even the Beatles had minis to drive around in. They were the peak of cool. With many variants that followed in the coming years, the mk1 mini was always the one people adored. Exterior door hinges, sliding windows and a simple yet elegant interior. The Mini was a very capable car and proved itself not only on the roads but also on the rally circuit.


Fast forward to today and the Mini is still considered to be one of the best cars ever made, not only for its popularity but also for its sheer design and beauty. It was a simple car at heart that spawned a whole generation of home mechanics. Cheap and easy to maintain, it seems almost everyone has a story to tell of this little car.

 classic mini cooper engine bay classic mini cooper engine bay

The classic mk1 Mini is becoming rare. Prices are on the rise and those that are lucky enough to have one, rarely take them out. To see one on the roads today is a once in a blue moon opportunity. The later Rover Mini is spotted more but it’s the mk1 mini that reigns amongst enthusiasts.


A classic car experience is probably the best way you can enjoy this car and relive those days when they were seen on every street corner. For those who had one, this is a real step back in time. For those who have never been close to one, let alone drive it, a classic car experience is your chance.


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